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In a world overrun by feline domination, one currency reigns supreme


The cataclysmic unraveling of civilization, once the stuff of myth and legend, now dances menacingly at the edge of collective consciousness. Yet, in the midst of chaos and despair, an unexpected harbinger emerges – the Catpocalypse.

OFFICIAL COTRACT ADDRESS: 0x3ee54f8ddbd7e6329886c0c8b829c42dadffe6c1


In a world ravaged by chaos, where the streets are silent except for the haunting echoes of a bygone civilization, one currency stands tall amidst the rubble

As the dust settles and the sun sets on the old world, a new order emerges, ruled by feline overlords and their digital treasure. Embrace the purrfect future with Catpocalypse Coin - the cryptocurrency that survives apawcalypses!

Amidst the chaos of the apocalypse, one currency claws its way to the top - Catpocalypse Coin: Because even in the end times, cats rule.

115830000000 on Supply

Catpocalypse Coin has a limited supply, with a total of 115830000000  tokens ever to be created. This fixed supply ensures scarcity and potential value appreciation over time, as demand for the coin grows within the community of cat and crypto enthusiasts.

0% on Taxes

Coin features a 0% tax on transactions for holders who have staked their tokens for a certain period. This incentivizes holders to commit to the ecosystem, providing stability and potential rewards for their loyalty.

Liquidity Burned

Catpocalypse Coin has burned the liquidity pool tokens, locking them away permanently. This action enhances the coin's value and ensures that the liquidity pool cannot be tampered with, providing a secure trading environment for investors.

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